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This EV leans like a motorcycle for sharp turns

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While the idea of ​​ditching a gas-guzzling vehicle for an affordable electric bike or scooter is exciting to some, others worry about safety and weather conditions. What happens when it rains? Well, that’s exactly what this Michigan-based electric vehicle startup wants to solve with the Nimbus One EV.

Is it a bicycle, a tricycle or an electric vehicle? Apparently, it is all of the above. The Nimbus One is known as the Autocycle, and it’s essentially a three-wheeler with several notable improvements.

Imagine buying a trike, putting on a roof, safety airbags, a steering wheel, turn signals, and all the other things a typical vehicle offers, and then letting the machine lean like a motorcycle in tight turns. That’s the Nimbus One, which tops out at 50 MPH, and it’s available for pre-order starting today.

While we first saw this EV earlier this year, the company is finally ready to start accepting pre-orders and reservations. However, the company has yet to share a full set of details, specifications, or features that potential buyers can expect.

Nimbus One EV

The goal is to reach speeds in excess of 50 MPH and offer a range of 93 miles per charge. A fast charger can recharge the 9kWh battery in just over an hour, but normal home AC outlets will take nearly 5.4 hours to fill the battery. Either way, it looks fantastic, and I want one.

Nimbus explains his electric three-wheeler as a machine that “It combines the convenience and cost of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car.” And judging by these photos, that description is pretty accurate.

The slim capsule-style EV takes up about 25% of a parking space and is much smaller than a traditional vehicle. It comes in around 2.75 feet wide and 7.5 feet long. Nimbus says that it is 3 to 5 times smaller than a compact car. And while it may look like a single-seater, there’s room behind the driver for a second passenger, or you can use that space to store groceries and other items.

Perhaps the best part of the Nimbus One is the unique tilt function. Nimbus is developing proprietary tilt technology to help you safely corner with precision and speed. And unlike a scooter or motorcycle, the rider doesn’t have to bend over. Instead, the Nimbus One does it for you, when needed, at certain speeds.

The name is also appropriate, as it looks like a relatively light and agile vehicle. Now just come up with some self-balancing cup holders like this couch accessory, and you’re good to go.

It’s worth noting that the Nimbus One is federally classified as a motorcycle in the US and must comply with all NHTSA motorcycle regulations before you’ll see one flying around corners and delivering Uber Eats orders on the streets. . However, some states have a vehicle class that includes the Autocycle, and those states only require a car driver’s license to operate one, rather than a motorcycle license.

The Nimbus One is on track to begin shipping to US customers in the fall of 2023, eventually arriving in European regions in the first quarter of 2024. If you’re interested, you can reserve one today for $100, with a tag price of $9,980.

Additionally, Nimbus plans to launch a $200 monthly rental option. And eventually, the team wants to offer battery swap kiosks in select cities, so users don’t need to find a charger. Would you buy, rent or drive one?

via Electrek


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