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Without a doubt, many women have sought to clarify some parts of our bodies. Natural remedies are a very good option to achieve this, for example, we will show you how to rinse your armpits with baking soda.

According to a study published by  The State University of New Jersey, the armpits may become black if constantly or use a deodorant containing many chemical shaves. For this reason, many women prefer to wax their armpits and use a neutral deodorant.

For you to be able to whiten your armpitsbaking soda is an excellent option.

Bicarbonate is an ally for health but also for your beauty. Through this, you can improve the appearance of your skin in a short time.

It works as an exfoliator, cleanses your skin, some people even use it as a natural deodorant since it eliminates the bad smell, it also does not irritate your skin.

To lighten whiten your armpits, you should do the following:

  • Mix two tablespoons of baking soda in a glass container.
  • Add a ‘splash’ of water and mix with a spoon.
  • Apply the mixture to your armpits in circular motions.
  • Let it sit in your armpits for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water; it is important that there are no residues.
  • Do not apply deodorant, leave your armpits free of any product.


If you do this armpit whitening procedure for a month and apply it at least three times a week, you will notice how your armpits take on a whiter hue.

Do not complicate yourself more and do not expose your health, rinse your armpits with baking soda!

Do you have problems with the skin of your armpits? Don’t worry, by making some changes in your beauty habits you can improve the appearance and texture of the dermis in that delicate area.

Just by having a suitable weight, using less irritating products, and improving your hair removal technique, you will avoid color changes, dryness, and the appearance of underarm skin infections such as folliculitis.

Avoid bad smell due to sweating

During puberty and adolescence, the sweat glands are more stimulated, secreting a fluid called primary secretion, commonly called sweat. Sweat is water with high concentrations of sodium and chloride and low concentrations of potassium.

There are 2 types of sweat glands. The eccrine glands, which produce odorless and transparent sweat, which begin to function from the day we are born and are mainly found on the hands, feet, and face.

The apocrine glands, which are activated when our puberty begins, produce a type of sweat that is different from the first since it contains proteins and fatty acids that make sweat thicker, which smells when in contact with other factors such as bacteria on the skin wrong.

The apocrine glands are mainly found in the armpits and pubis, so we give you the following tips to avoid bad odor:

Antiperspirants: Preferably use non-alcoholic and hypoallergenic antiperspirants, although you should try spraying a little on your skin to determine whether or not you are allergic to the brand of your choice. A study by Rexona published that 64% of the women surveyed try not to give hugs due to the insecurity caused by wetting someone with their armpits.

Deodorants: The deodorant inhibits the growth of bacteria by neutralizing the bad odor released by bacteria in contact with sweat. Try using deodorants that are alcohol-free and without artificial fragrances, as they can irritate your skin and cause blemishes. Baking soda is an extremely powerful natural deodorant that you can apply directly to the armpits