Matthias Werner

Modern computers are virtually silent. But just a few decades ago, PCs were very tall. With the hum of a CRT monitor, the hum of some shitty fans, and the clicks of a hard drive, turning on a computer felt like turning on a spaceship.

I guess most people would rather live without a noisy computer. But for lovers of retro cacophony, there’s always the HDD Clicker 2.0. Developed by Matthias Werner, this little board adds some alarmingly loud hard drive noise to your modern SSD-equipped PC.

HDD Clicker 2.0 is pretty simple. It connects to your motherboard and draws power via a Mini-Molex connector. A tiny ATTiny microcontroller monitors your SSD’s activity, and a piezoelectric speaker produces “hard drive noise” every time your SSD reads or writes data.

Also, a small LED on the HDD Clicker 2.0 flashes when your SSD is accessing data. This feature is designed for retro PCs, which often use a small LED to indicate hard drive activity. (Some people upgrade their retro PCs with new SSDs or repurpose old PC towers for modern builds.)

If you want to create your own HDD Clicker, please watch the video above and visit the Retroianer website for additional information. You can also preorder a HDD Clicker from Serdashop for $25.

Source: Matthias Werner / Retroianer via Lilliputing