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When You Should Choose A Counter Top Wash Basin?

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Are you looking for an above bench basin? Then, you are at the right place. Myhomeware provides you the best above bench basin at affordable rates with premium quality. 

Today, using the bathroom for nothing more than bathing and natural urinal calls is no longer a need. Now-a-days, people are only interested in products that not only meet their needs, but also offer elegant, contemporary, and stylish bathroom solutions. 

The washbasin is the first element that comes to mind when defining your bathroom’s décor. The focal feature of every bathroom design is the Wash Basin. For this reason, while considering how to arrange the bathroom, the designers start by selecting the wash basins. 

The first step is designing a bathroom is selecting the appropriate type of sink because it establishes the mood of your bathroom. But making the right choice is not simple. It requires a keen eye for detail and careful consideration of several factors, including shape, utility and available space. Wash Basins come in a variety of designs and sizes, each with a different set of features. The counter top wash basin is the most often used and fashionable basin, and it is covered below. 

Before we proceed when you should choose a counter top wash basin, let’s know what a counter top wash basin is.

Counter Top Wash Basin

Self-rimmed drop –in sinks that are simple to install over the counter are available in the counter top basin. They make a wonderful addition to contemporary bathrooms and public spaces because of their attractive form and efficient functionality. Counter top basins come in a variety of forms and styles with a terrific, lovely appeal that is always perfect for adorning the front. 

Why Wash Basin is Necessary for your Bathroom?

The perception of many people is that they think that instead of putting the wash basin in the bathroom, they can install it in the porch. Ok. It’s a good thing. They are a good option for guest. But having a wash basin in the bathroom is a must. 

Whenever we want to wash our face, in the end only the wash basin comes in handy for to wash face or wash our hands which is not possible to do in a porch. If suppose there are guests in your house and you want to wash your face then will it look good that you are washing your face in front of them, it does not give a good signal and effect.

That is why, having a wash basin in your washroom is a must. And of course, now-a-days, it’s a trend that there are many varieties of wash basin that people want to install in their bathroom. Gone are those days when there were basic wash basins which people used to install, now those attractive, sleek and good design wash basins are in demand and trending. 

So, we hope that people who have this mindset that the washbasin should be outside in the verandah will now understand the value of a washbasin in the bathroom.

Who Should Select a Counter Top Wash Basin?

Countertops are incredibly fashionable for your bathroom, regardless of size. A Wash basin on a counter top is perfect for someone who wants: – 

  • Make their restroom look pleasant.
  • The Bathroom’s Wash Basin serves as the room’s center point.
  • The size of their bathroom is excessive. 
  • Don’t dig large holes to install fixtures in the wall.

Varieties of Counter Top Wash Basins

Most Counter Top basins perform essentially the same functions, however they differ greatly in shape. The top 2 wash counter top basins available in stores or online are as follows: – 

  • Rounded Counter Top: – Both large and small bathrooms can accommodate a rectangular counter top with ease. Their modern, sleek design can bring attractiveness to your bathroom. 
  • Oval-Shaped Counter Top: – This type of counter-top basins features plenty of storage that epitomizes luxury and offers any bathroom design a minimalist appearance. 


The counter top wash basin collections from Myhomeware employ an unmatched style and come in a variety of sizes and forms, giving them a captivating appeal that transcends the limitations that previously applied to this kind of product. 

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