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Why does your Makeup Fail? Ten Frequent mistakes in makeup

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We know by now that makeup can be a double-edged sword, which also favors you and harms your look. And, although today thanks to the Internet we have more possibilities to learn to make up in a flattering way, many tutorials Frequent mistakes in makeup are impractical for day-to-day: they are too complex, too ornate or require time in front of the mirror that we don’t have on a daily basis.

So it is likely that if we follow a daily makeup routine without too much time, we have not noticed frequent makeup mistakes that we have been making for a long time. Perhaps reading this compilation of glitches in makeup we realize what we are wrong with our makeup. If so, we should not worry. It is always better to find out in this way and not as the famous ones do, through images that go viral on the Net

Frequent mistakes in makeup

1- Do not use a primer or do not prepare the skin: what is under the makeup totally conditions its finish and durability. For example, if the skin is not properly hydrated, if it is not clean or if there are traces of old makeup. Therefore, prepare the skin well before makeup with your usual moisturizer and always after cleaning your face (in the shower, for example). Correct hydration will allow an impeccable finish of the makeup base and, if you use a “primer” or primer, you will get a more lasting “look”.

On the contrary, if your skin is not well hydrated you run the risk that the foundation will crack with the passing of the hours and, if you do not use primer, it will disappear quickly with rubbing or, on hot days, it will “melt”.

2 –  With the makeup sponge: there are several things you can do wrong when using makeup sponges. On the one hand, use them dry, which will only serve to spend more product than necessary and obtain a “patchwork” finish. Remember to moisten the sponge under the tap and drain well to obtain a finish as natural as possible. On the other hand, it should be remembered that the correct way to apply makeup with a sponge is by tapping (gently pressing on the skin) and never dragging the sponge over the skin, which will prevent us from obtaining a uniform finish.

3-  Do not seal with translucent powders: we are not talking about using the «baking» technique, which recharges the skin and would not be very functional for everyday use. If not, seal the finish of our makeup base for a longer duration and a velvet complexion. Especially when it comes to dark circles, to seal the concealer and prevent it from accumulating in the folds under the eye over the hours.

4- Do not contour or do it incorrectly: on the one hand, the contour can be what makes the difference in a flattering makeup look. You can help us hide prominences and highlight our best features. But if we do not master the technique well, the contour can ruin our look. For example, one of the most common mistakes is usually shading the cleft of the cheekbone to near the corner of the lip. When the contour should start from the jaw joint diagonally up to the cheekbone. On the other hand, we can contour the forehead, but only if it is prominent to compensate for its breadth.

5- Apply the blush as if it were a contour: it is a widespread error that we will only tackle if we understand the function of the blush. This is to simulate the natural blush of our cheeks. So, blushing all over our cheekbones seems unwise. Remember to apply the “blush” to the apples of the cheeks, taking the stroke in the direction that most favors the tone of our face. To do this, see how to apply the blush according to the face cut.

6- Makeup very artificial eyebrows: we refer to eyebrow makeups that do not respect the actual shape or color of the eyebrow. On the one hand, it is not advisable to give a too angular shape to the beginning of the eyebrow (neither is naturally so). On the other hand, we must remember that the makeup tone we use must be one shade below the natural one, and never darker so that the eyebrow remains natural.

7- Do not use an eye primer: if we do not use an “eye primer”, the shades will pigment less intensely and deteriorate over the hours. Nothing worse than the product accumulates on the folds of the eyelids. To avoid this, start eye makeup by applying a primer that can also be corrective to match the tone.

8- Delineate the eyes: there are many possible errors regarding the delineation of the eyes. From emphasizing only in the lower waterline to drawing a corner that makes our eyes droop, through floating outlines. Discover here the delineation mistakes you may be making. And learn how to take advantage of your gaze by delineating the eyes based on their shape.

9- Apply illuminator badly: it is undoubtedly a trendy and very tempting makeup product because we love shine. However, for some seasons it has not been difficult to see the makeup looks with an excess highlighter or applied in the wrong areas. Remember that, as a rule, it is logical to apply it in the areas that protrude from the face (where there is a bone structure, therefore) and where the sun affects. That is: on the cheekbone (not on the cheek), on the bridge of the nose and the tip (subtly), on the chin, points on the forehead, and, additionally, on the cupid’s arch and under the eyebrow.

10- Alter the natural shape of the lips: every day we see that many “influencers” and beauty bloggers are committed to visibly thicken the lips outlining beyond their natural limits. On camera the result may be flattering, but naturally, it is quite artificial. Profiling inside the natural line of the lips would only make them visibly smaller, so the way to follow should always be that of the lip itself and we must outline it just above (not inside or outside).

Confess, which of these mistakes do you think you are making? Have you detected any other frequent Frequent mistakes in makeup errors on the street?

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