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18 Makeup Tips to be Photogenic

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Eye makeup to be photogenic

  • Tip # 1: Make up your eyes first before working on your complexion.
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This allows you to display a perfect and natural complexion. This will avoid any possibility of having eyeshadow or mascara residue on the top of the cheekbones.

Georgie Eisdell (make-up artist of Carey Mulligan and Amanda Seyfried to name a few) advises not to force too much on the makeup of the eyelids. According to her, too much make-up on the eyes or the complexion marks the features and ages enormously.

  • Tip # 2: Make a line of kohl inside your upper eyelids.

If you want an ultra defined look: make a line of waterproof kohl inside your upper eyelids. Result? Lashes that appear more numerous, fuller and a more intense look.

  • Tip # 3: Don’t skimp on mascara.

”  Without mascara, you disappear from the photo,  ” says Georgie Eisdell. Any advice for an intense look? Several consecutive layers of volumizing mascara .

One way to apply it: close the eyelids on your mascara brush, this will catch the smallest lashes and apply the color as close as possible to the root of the lashes.

  • Tip # 4: A false good idea: pearly eyeshadow in the palm of your eye

If putting pearly eyeshadow allows you to open your eyes and make them bright, it’s a technique that goes very wrong in photos. Use a little concealer lighter than your complexion to brighten the look.

  • Tip # 5: Don’t Overlook Your Eyebrow Line

Well-defined eyebrows structure the face and give it photo power. Pamper your eyebrows by offering them very regular hair removal and suitable eyebrow products.

Complexion makeup for a perfect photo

  • Tip # 6: Your foundation should be light.

It should improve the appearance of your skin without camouflaging it. If you have blemishes and other skin rashes, use a concealer locally. Your complexion must be revealed and highlighted by a luminous product.

  • Tip # 7: Don’t forget to put foundation on your ears.

Particularly if you are one of those who blush easily to the ears. More specifically, the make-up artist explains that the ears sometimes appear “separate” from the face in a photograph, the colors not being tuned.

  • Tip # 8: Adopt the contouring technique

Contouring is the art of focusing attention on the prettiest parts of your face. To do this, use a blush brush, which is more precise than a powder brush: apply a tan along with your temples and highlight the hollow of your cheeks.

  • Tip # 9: Blush can also be used for contouring

If you don’t like the result of the sun powder, opt for a peach or dark pink blush. Apply it lightly, it will have the same effect as the tanner.

  • Tip # 10: Dab your face with a make-up sponge

And this, before applying your matifying powder for a natural and luminous complexion. This helps balance your foundation and avoid a plastered complexion.

Treat your smile to be photogenic

  • Tip # 11: Always well hydrated lips.

Always keep a slightly pearly hydrating balm on you. Luscious and pearly lips give radiance to the face.

  • Tip # 12: Smile … but not too much.

The photographer explains. When you smile too much, your eyes appear smaller, dull. The ideal is to display a pretty frank and bright smile, without doing too much. His tip? Train discreetly in front of your mirror!

And also to be photogenic: 

  • Tip # 13: Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush

Photographer J. Ryan Roberts says it’s one of the secrets of a successful Photogenic shoot. “  The boar bristle hair brush is one of our essentials. It alone eliminates frizz and static electricity which disturbs the purity of a photograph  ”.

  • Tip # 14: Take your shots early in the morning or late at night

There is nothing worse than the midday sun. Very unflattering, it tends to highlight your small faults. Prefer the much softer light of sunrise or late afternoon. The morning light, among other things, is a bluish light that reduces facial marks … a real secret of the open!

  • Tip # 15: Cloudy days are your best allies 

These provide a much softer light to enhance your complexion. J. Ryan Roberts specifies “the clouds shade the colors and make them much softer”.

  • Tip # 16: Take a photo in front of a white wall

A real good way to capture and return the light on your face without inappropriate shadows.

  • Tip # 17: Play your best profile

We all have a more flattering profile than the other. Practice detecting it, use and abuse your pose when you find it. Being spontaneous in a photo is good, being pretty is better!

  • Tip # 18: Raise your arm slightly when taking a selfie

The best angle for taking a selfie is by lifting your arm slightly. Thus, the face is refined and the “double chin” effect is avoided. For group selfies, the tallest person is responsible for taking the photo.

  • Tip # 19: Create your own filter

It’s a fact, the flash on your smartphone is not flattering. To create a beautiful light, the photographer offers a simple trick. Take a strip of “special depilatory wax” paper and place it right in front of the flash on your camera. The light will be much softer and more diffuse.

Thanks to all these tips, photogenics will finally be at your fingertips!

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