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Your next Uber ride could have ads

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It seems like everyone is adding ads to their platform lately, even historical holdouts like Netflix. However, one of the following could be an app that you use a lot for your daily commute. Uber is running ads.

Uber has announced the launch of an advertising platform that potential brands and advertisers can use to reach consumers through the Uber and Uber Eats apps. On your Uber rides, you’ll see “Trip Ads,” which are ad units that are supposed to get your attention during rides. And in Uber Eats, you’ll see other ad models like sponsored listings and home page billboards, allowing you to position your business more prominently and reach more users.

There are also many other types of ads, such as menu ads, post-checkout ads, and storefront ads. It seems like most of these will primarily affect the Uber Eats app, but Journey Ads affect the main Uber app.

In particular, there is no mention in the post about possible savings being passed on to the user as a result of receiving ads. Ads on platforms like Netflix or YouTube usually mean reduced fares or free service, but it seems you shouldn’t expect that from Uber. Your next trip, or your next food delivery order, will probably cost the same, except you’ll see ads all the time.

There’s no timeline on when we might start seeing ads in Uber’s apps, but since some pilot programs have already gone live, we can expect them to launch sooner rather than later.

Source: Uber, The Washington Post

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