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Whether you’re working at home or in an office, you’re likely to spend a good number of hours a day sitting. If this is your case, you must have elements that facilitate the care of the areas of the body that suffer from these postures. Like the neck and the back, for example. One of the most important is undoubtedly the best office chair. You must bet on the most suitable one.

Who works or studies at home may not give too much importance to the type of chair they use. You may use one of the ones you have in your home. But, if you spend many hours sitting at home or in the office you should have the best desk chair possible. To help you achieve this, we have prepared this buying guide. Pay attention to its content.

The most important

  • Desk chairs are a must for all those who work or study sitting at a table. In the market you will find endless possibilities. It is important that you bet on the one that best meets all your needs.
  • It is vital that the chair has an ergonomic design. In other words, it is designed to adapt to the anatomy of its owner to the maximum. In this way, you will make your back, your lower back and any other part of your body suffer as little as possible.
  • It is important that when choosing your desk chair you check that its different elements can be adjusted. We refer to the backrest, the seat, the armrests and the height. If you do so, it will be even more comfortable.

The best desk chairs on the market: our recommendations

One of the best ways to learn more about desk chairs is by reviewing the most valued models. The opinion of its users is taken into account, which is undoubtedly the most important. For this reason, we have selected some of the chairs that have received the best ratings. Pay attention to everything you will discover in the following lines, it will be very useful for you.

  • The best high back desk chair
  • The best executive desk chair
  • The best-selling desk chair
  • The best mesh desk chair

The high back desk best office chair

Leather Executive Swivel Adjustable Office Desk Chair

Adjustable best office chair

This desk chair made by AmazonBasics is ideal for giving you a good posture and adding style to your office. It is an executive chair with a high back, made of leather and PVC.

Its padded seat and back gives you comfort and allows you to adjust it to your height. It has five wheels and rotates 360 °. This model comes in three colors: black, brown, and white, and is capable of supporting up to 275 lbs.

The executive best office chair

Swivel Adjustable Office Desk Chair Leather Padded Ergonomic

Swivel Office Desk Chair
best office chair

This desk chair made by AmazonBasics features a medium-size backrest and a classic quilted leather design perfect for your office. It has five caster wheels, armrests, and allows you to adjust it to suit you.

Its design allows you to use it throughout the day without hurting your back. It is capable of up to 275 lbs. with a 1 year warranty.

The best selling office desk chair

Mesh Adjustable Stool Rolling Computer Chair Lumbar Support Modern Executive Swivel Chair

Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh 
best office chair

Surely, you have seen this desk chair in some office. This popular design made by BestOffice has become the best-selling chair on Amazon. It stands out for its ergonomic design that gives lumbar support.

It is made of mesh and PVC, it has five castors and allows you to adjust its height to suit you. It comes in a variety of six colors, allowing you to find the model that fits your ideal office style.

The mesh best office chair

Office and Desk Chair Mesh Executive BIFMA Certified

Back Mesh Executive Office and Desk Chair

This desk chair made by Flash Furniture stands out for its ergonomic design that includes a headboard. This executive model is made of mesh, which allows air circulation, and comes with five 350 ° swivel wheels that allow you to move freely in different directions.

Its back is high and its headrest is adjustable to suit you. And you can easily adjust its height to maintain good posture.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About the best office chair

Without a doubt, the review we have made of the best desk chairs has been very interesting. It has served you not only to discover the best valued models, but also some of their most important characteristics. But you still need to know more about this type of furniture. Therefore, you should pay attention to the content of this guide, it will help you make your purchase.

What is a office desk chair?

A desk chair is designed to spend many hours throughout the day sitting in it. It has a backrest so that your back suffers as little as possible, with a padded seat and armrests. Typically, you can adjust the different parts of the chair to be even more comfortable. They usually have wheels and are rotatable to make them more practical.

What is an ergonomic desk chair?

An ergonomic desk chair is one that takes care of the health of those who use it. Not to be confused with a comfortable chair, which is simply where you feel comfortable. It can be adapted to the particular characteristics of each person. It adjusts to the shape of the body and makes a balanced distribution of the pressure exerted by the chair.

How to adjust an ergonomic chair?

In the previous section you have seen what an ergonomic desk chair is. Now we want to show you that it is vital that you make the necessary adjustments so that it fulfills its mission. Thus, you will not miss its interesting benefits. We have prepared this table so that you can regulate your chair properly.

  • Seat adjustable in depth: Regulate the seat in depth. Allow a gap between the edge of the seat and the back of the knees. Thus, these areas will not feel pressured and blood circulation will improve.
  • Height adjustable seat: You must adjust the height so that the soles of your feet are fully supported on the ground. In addition, your back should also be resting on the back of the chair.
  • Reclining backrest: The backrest must be adjustable and have different inclination points. It is also appropriate that you have a free position, to be able to swing on breaks. The tension of the backrest must be adjusted to the weight of the person, the more it weighs the more tension it must have.
  • Lumbar prominence : It is necessary that the backrest has a lumbar prominence that serves to keep the spine aligned. This lumbar prominence must be able to adapt to the shape of your body.
  • Synchro system : The chair’s synchro system allows the backrest to be tilted back. In this way, it is synchronized with the movement made by the seat base. Thus, the body will move synchronously in the chair.
  • Front edge of the seat: The front edge of the seat should have a slight inclination. This serves to keep the chair from putting pressure on the legs. Thus, the circulation of the area is improved.

Alex Soria PineñoPhysiotherapist specializing in posturology and ergonomics“The desk chair should have wheels to facilitate movements along the office table, avoiding forced positions to move it. The height of the seat must be adjustable, so that the feet are resting on the floor and the hip is slightly above the knee ”.

What materials are usually used to upholster desk chairs?

One of the aspects that you should look at when buying your desk chair is its upholstery if it has one. Do not leave this matter to chance, but pay attention to what you will see in the following list.

  • Mesh. It is a very economical material and it is also the most breathable. Of course, it has a disadvantage and it is that it is less durable than others.
  • Cloth. It will last longer than mesh and is very comfortable. However, it tends to get dirtier and cleaning is more complicated than other options.
  • Synthetic skin. Synthetic leather chairs are frequently found in offices. Of course, its price is higher than the two previous options. In addition, in summer it can give some heat.
  • Leather. We can say the same as for synthetic leather chairs. Its main difference is that they have a higher price.

How should you clean the desk chair?

Aspects regarding the care of your desk chair is its cleanliness. Think that you are going to spend many hours sitting in it. Also, you are likely to eat or drink things while sitting in the chair. Therefore, it will stain and need to be cleaned. Not to mention the dirt caused by the dust or sweat of whoever sits on it.

If your desk chair is made of leather, try to use a product that is indicated for this type of material. If it is made of a synthetic material or cloth, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. But above all, pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard and follow them.

Chair with armrests or without armrests?

You may think that those that do have armrests are better, as they look more comfortable. In this table, we show you what they are. If you want to decide well, you should look at all its content.

Desk chairs with armrestsDesk chairs without armrests
ComfortThey are more comfortable.They can be a little awkward.
DesignThey have a more ergonomic design and improve moments of rest.They are less ergonomic and are not recommended for long, intense jobs.
PriceThey are more expensive.They are cheaper.

How should you sit in your desk chair?

If you buy the best desk chair, but sit in it anyway, it won’t have helped you. Therefore, it is very important that you take into account the information that we will show you in the following list. Of course, when you have your chair you must put into practice everything you will see in it. If you do so, you will minimize postural problems.

  • Keep your back straight and resting on the backrest at all times.
  • You must have your feet flat on the ground.
  • Make a right angle with your knees.
  • Have your arms resting on the armrests, if available.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of desk chairs?

Undoubtedly, all the information we have reviewed so far will be of great help to you when purchasing your desk chair. You have discovered which features are more interesting and how some models differ from others. But there are still more issues that you should know, although before we show you its main advantages and disadvantages.Advantage

  • They help to have the correct posture
  • Many different options
  • You will work more comfortably


  • With some options you will be hot in the summer
  • They are somewhat big

Purchase criteria

Now we are approaching the end of this buying guide. But it is important that before doing so you value the criteria that we show you below. They are key to getting it right when choosing your desk chair. So do not overlook it, if you do so you will enjoy having the most appropriate model.

  • Swivel
  • Desk Chair Type
  • Antistatic materials
  • Ergonomics
  • Design


It is good that your chair is swivel for various reasons. The first is that you have to move to pick up something your chair will move and not your spine. In this way, you will avoid having certain health problems associated with spending a lot of time sitting. The second is that it facilitates communication with your office colleagues, you just have to turn your chair to talk to them.

Chair type

Depending on the use that you are going to give to your desk chair, you should bet on one model or another. It is true that in the market you will find infinite options, each one for a specific circumstance. But we wanted to simplify your choice into three large groups. In most cases you will end up choosing one of them.

  • Management chairs. They are the most comfortable and offer the best image. They tend to have a higher quality. They are designed for those who have a position of responsibility in the company, although they can be used by the rest of the employees.
  • Operative chairs. They are the ones that other employees usually use.
  • Complementary chairs. They are the rest of the chairs that you have in the offices. They are usually in waiting rooms or in offices, although sometimes they are also used by employees.

Antistatic materials

It is convenient that the chair is made of antistatic materials. They serve to prevent static electricity from accumulating in the chairs. To avoid this, check if the chair you have chosen has an ESD marking, electrostatic discharge. It is important that you take this aspect into account, since you will avoid that the chair gives you small discharges.


It should be a priority that the desk chair is ergonomic, so it will adapt ideally to your body. The backrest, seat and height of the chair must be adjustable. It will have also adjustable armrests. In addition, it will adapt to your anatomy perfectly, it will not only be comfortable, but will take care of your health.


The design of the chair is also important. It must be appropriate for the office or office in which you are going to place it and also for the position you occupy in the company if it is for work. Don’t forget that a piece of furniture of this type can represent whoever sits on it.


As you have seen, a desk chair is essential to work in comfort. Also to carry out any other task that involves spending time sitting in front of a table. You have proven how important it is that it is an ergonomic chair, you will not only be comfortable, it will also take care of your health. Pay attention to the type of chair and the fabric of the upholstery.

Analyze the characteristics of the chair to be convinced that it is the one that best suits your needs. For example, whether or not it has armrests. You also know how you should clean the chair depending on its upholstery. You cannot ignore its design, especially if you are going to use it in an office. Try to make it made of antistatic materials.

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